Wyoming MM New Aff – Doubles

1AC Tsuj’/ Boy, you are ga-lv-lo’/sky continually above AND V:v/Yes Our moans a low fierce rumble a coming storm – Qwo-Li Driskill ‘2010 (In Our Oldest Language)   Unsettling United States military presence must come from a rupture in the colonial logic that authorizes the deployment of our armed forces. In the U.S. private citizens […]

Doubles Sides & Pairing

Seeds Aff Neg  Judges 2 Nevada Las Vegas KB Emory SK Jackie Poapst, Rebecca Steiner, Al Hiland, Michael Hester, David Cram Helwich 3 Wyoming MM new aff Liberty CB Jyleesa Hampton,Marquis Ard,Paul Johnson,Michael Antonucci,Calum Matheson 4 Southern California BL UC Berkeley SM Jason Regnier,Nick Watts,David Hingstman,Gabe Murillo,Ameena Ruffin 5 UC Berkeley SW New Aff Stream […]

Wyoming MM – New Aff

  1AC – NDT Rd 7 Plan Plan: The United States should significantly reduce its air force presence in Northeast Asia.   Advantage 1 – Crisis Instability   A China-Japan crisis is highly likely now- high probability and no impact defense Erickson & Liff 2.27.16 [Andrew S. Erickson is Associate Professor at the US Naval […]

Round 7 New Affs

  #breakingnew Harvard HS vs UC Berkeley SM S2 260 @CalDebate @pachy_dherm #NDT2016 — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 @emorydebate KS new advantage v. @CalDebate SW scout: @catduffy — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 #BreakingNew @WyoDebate MM v. @gopherdebate AK in FA 209 #NDT2016 — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016   Harvard […]