Wake AS Quarters Aff – The Hold

1AC The weather is the TOTAL CLIMATE and that climate is ANTIBLACK – slavery is propelled into the present as the ATMOSPHERE. An atmosphere that is slave law ARCHIVED and REPEATED into the present as lynch law, as Jim crow, as stop n frisk, the total climate both EXCEEDS and DETERMINES the law itself which […]

Wake AS – New Aff Round 7

1ac Corinne: Then how do you explain the failure of debate to produce meaningful change for people of color in general and black people in particular? How do you explain the failure of this space to be a democratic and inclusive space to “test our ideas”?

Wake AS Buddhism Aff Round 6

1AC Buddhism On a cool Spring day, a child watched a festival erupt. The festival celebrated the coming of Spring, and the new life that it brought with it after a cold frigid winter. Joy abounded. Upbeat music flooded the air and happiness rained from the sky. The people there danced vigorously, and laughed in […]

Wake AS – Round 4 New Aff

Cites A story about a young kid sees a festival and realizes they are dancing on top of red ants, and later in the kids life is confronted with the demon Death and after the person defeats death a festival is thrown and at that festival the people dance on the red ants.