Speaker Awards

John Spurlock UC Berkeley SM Taylor Brough Vermont BL Hemanth Sanjeev Harvard HS Mimi Sergent-Leventhal UC Berkeley SW Will Morgan Michigan KM Quaram Robinson Kansas RB David Herman Harvard HS Joe Krakoff Michigan KM Donald Grasse Kentucky GN Margaret Strong Michigan State TS Nicole Nave Rutgers-Newark MN Michael Barlow United States Military BS Michael Wimsatt […]

Kentucky 1NC Quarters

  T – Bases   Topicality – military presence is defined installations and large military formations – the AFF is about military access which is distinct Harkavy-professor political science at Penn State-89 (Robert E., Professor of Political Science at Pennsilvania State University, “Bases Abroad: The Global Foreign Military Presence, Oxford University Press, 1989, p7-8 Google […]

Quarters Pairing & Streams

Wake Forest SA – Michigan KM Kansas RB (A) 3 – UC Berkeley SW 2 Stream Michigan State TS (A) – Kentucky GN Stream Harvard HS 4 – Georgetown LK (A) 1 Stream

Doubles Sides & Pairing

Seeds Aff Neg  Judges 2 Nevada Las Vegas KB Emory SK Jackie Poapst, Rebecca Steiner, Al Hiland, Michael Hester, David Cram Helwich 3 Wyoming MM new aff Liberty CB Jyleesa Hampton,Marquis Ard,Paul Johnson,Michael Antonucci,Calum Matheson 4 Southern California BL UC Berkeley SM Jason Regnier,Nick Watts,David Hingstman,Gabe Murillo,Ameena Ruffin 5 UC Berkeley SW New Aff Stream […]

Day Two Politics & Elections

Politics Puerto Rico Debt Relief Kentucky GN Round 6 v Trinity RS Puerto Rico debt relief is top of the agenda and will pass—politics could still derail legislation Timiraos-WSJ-3/29 House Republicans Unveil Puerto Rico Lifeline By NICK TIMIRAOS WASHINGTON—House Republicans AND budgets for years and also has struggled recently to produce timely financial reporting. […]

Day One Politics DAs

TPP Kentucky GN Round 2 v. MSU Vote soon and will pass-Obama needs to marshal political capital Inside U.S. Trade’s Daily Report 3/14/16 HEADLINE: Earnest: Obama Close To Asking For TPP Vote Despite Campaign Rhetoric   March 11, 2016 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on March 9 signaled President AND to tangible benefits that would […]

Kentucky GN New Aff Round 3

Plan The United States should significantly reduce the logistics and support tail of Special Operations Forces in Iraq consistent with village stability operations. Middle East   Middle East extremism threatens the global order – causes sphere of influence competition Kagan, et. al., 1/1/2016, Christopher DeMuth Chair and director of the Critical Threats Project at AEI […]

Round 3 – New Affs

Details forthcoming… UNLV CH Georgetown KL Kentucky GN Kansas BiCo Kansas BhCa isn’t new (the KU BC confusion continues…) UCO HS Michigan DM