NDT (Scouting) Champs

At the 2017 NDT, the scouting team scouted more than 300 rounds. A big thanks to Indiana (34 rounds), Missouri State (31 rounds), and Minnesota (29 rounds) for their contributions to this effort! Caitlyn Wicks (Missouri State) scouted 13 rounds and Jonathan Gibson scouted 11! See below for the full leaderboard: Individual Scouts Rounds scouted […]

Thank you to the Scouts!

They were incredible. More to come tomorrow… Chris Mair – Northwestern Dylan Robb – Kansas Chris Mills Rodrigo – Georgetown Bob Overing – Southern California Gabe Lewis – Mary Washington Mia Gil Epner – UC Berkeley Rahim Shakoor – Northwestern Hailey Clawson – Gonzaga Hayley Hopkins – Northwestern Johnnie Stupek – Georgia Lauren Johnson – […]

NDT Scouting 2016 – Roadmap

Before the tournament starts, I thought it might be helpful to post a description of my plan for scouting at this year’s NDT. Both for those who will be doing the scouting, but also so that the teams, coaches and judges who will be scouted can have an idea of what we’re doing (or trying […]