Northwestern MO New Aff – Doubles

  Plan   The United States should significantly reduce its military presence in the Greater Horn of Africa, holding that this presence is not statutorily or constitutionally authorized.   1AC – Africa Advantage   Advantage 1 is Africa   U.S. presence in the Horn of AfricaHornHorn of Africa creates a rentier political-security market—funding for US […]

Doubles Sides & Pairing

Seeds Aff Neg  Judges 2 Nevada Las Vegas KB Emory SK Jackie Poapst, Rebecca Steiner, Al Hiland, Michael Hester, David Cram Helwich 3 Wyoming MM new aff Liberty CB Jyleesa Hampton,Marquis Ard,Paul Johnson,Michael Antonucci,Calum Matheson 4 Southern California BL UC Berkeley SM Jason Regnier,Nick Watts,David Hingstman,Gabe Murillo,Ameena Ruffin 5 UC Berkeley SW New Aff Stream […]

Northwestern MO New Aff Round 2

Plan Text The United States should significantly reduce its counter-anti-access/area-denial offensive strike presence in Northeast Asia, including carrier strike groups, to a level consistent with a deterrence by denial force posture.   1AC – Taiwan Advantage 1 is Taiwan Miscalculation over Taiwan is likely—the 2016 election dooms cross-strait rapprochement, risking military escalation Ben Schreer 3-22-16, […]

New Affs Round 2

West Georgia MS Mary Washington Oklahoma SC Baylor BZ Wichita OS Indiana HS NU MO new maritime coop advantage Pittsburgh BC