Semis Pairings

  Harvard HS – Michigan State TS – Flip David Cram Helwich, Scott Harris, Jonathan Paul, Jacob Justice, Cody Crunkilton Kansas RB – Michigan KM – Flip Marquis Ard, Calum Matheson, Justin Green, Brad Bolman, Shanara Reid-Brinkley  

Michigan State New Aff – Quarters

  Plan The United States should remove State Partnership Program forces from Mongolia China—1AC   Expanding U.S. presence emboldens Mongolia to support IMAR separatists—spurs instability and conflict Klein 14 – Kristopher Klein, Staff Writer at Prospect Journal of International Affairs, Political Science at UC San Diego, “MONGOLIA AND THE AMERICAN STRATEGY OF CONTAINMENT”, Prospect: Journal […]

Quarters Pairing & Streams

Wake Forest SA – Michigan KM Kansas RB (A) 3 – UC Berkeley SW 2 Stream Michigan State TS (A) – Kentucky GN Stream Harvard HS 4 – Georgetown LK (A) 1 Stream

Michigan State ST New aff Doubles

  Plan   The United States federal government should give wartime operational control to the Republic of Korea.   Transition Alliance   US-ROK alliance is at a strategic cross-roads – alliance is inevitable but OPCON transfer cements cooperation over non-NoKo threats Whyte 15 [Leon Whyte is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and […]

Michigan State ST New Aff – Rd 8

    Plan The United States should significantly reduce its military presence in the Republic of Korea.   Contention One – Engaging North Korea US presence contains of North Korea – means Pyongyang doesn’t attend regional “Six Party Talks”. De Ceuster & Melissen ‘8 Koen, lectures on the modern and contemporary history of Korea at […]

Round 8 – New Affs

Berkeley MS Kansas BiCo Kansas BhCa Baylor BC Michigan State TS (Adv) Emory KL Georgetown KL Northwestern EC Texas KS