Quarters Pairing & Streams

Wake Forest SA – Michigan KM Kansas RB (A) 3 – UC Berkeley SW 2 Stream Michigan State TS (A) – Kentucky GN Stream Harvard HS 4 – Georgetown LK (A) 1 Stream

Day Two Politics & Elections

Politics Puerto Rico Debt Relief Kentucky GN Round 6 v Trinity RS Puerto Rico debt relief is top of the agenda and will pass—politics could still derail legislation Timiraos-WSJ-3/29 House Republicans Unveil Puerto Rico Lifeline By NICK TIMIRAOS WASHINGTON—House Republicans AND budgets for years and also has struggled recently to produce timely financial reporting. […]

Michigan KM New Aff

1AC Cites Authentic exchange is impossible as all (non-)events assume the form of the film with script: everything is pre-coded as the distinction between film and war is rendered nul. The image of power is the power of the image. The image of the military is now in no way distinct from its physical referent: […]