Kansas HW Octafinals – Datacenters

Plan Plan: The United States federal government should apply Section 111 of the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gas emissions of commercial data centers and remove the Energy Management Requirement exemption under the Energy Policy Act for the greenhouse gas emissions of National Security Agency data centers.

Kansas HW New Aff Rd 6 – Clean Air Act

Plan The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals should find that state environmental agencies are legally responsible for enforcement of emissions restrictions in the Clean Air Act, providing injunctive relief in instances of non-compliance.

Kansas HW – New Aff Round 4 – Direct Air

Plan The United States federal government should restrict domestic climate engineering methods that emit greenhouse gases, find that direct air capture is the only legal and viable route for climate engineering, and fully fund, develop and domestically deploy direct air capture of carbon. The federal government should store captured carbon in sandstone reservoirs in deep […]