Kansas 1NR

  Settler colonialism does not explain the position of blackness Sexton 14 [12/19/2014, Jared Sexton is Director of African American Studies at UC Irvine “The Vel of Slavery: Tracking the Figure of the Unsovereign” published in Critical Sociology, pp 8-9] Something similar happens with respect to Smith’s statement of the relation between racial slavery and […]

Kansas 1NC Finals

  Their narrative of future legislative progress reproduces anti-blackness and prevents a paradigmatic analysis of modernity – the promise of “the future” prevents a full confrontation with the violence of the present because it creates the possibility of relief “to come” – only understanding time as anti-black accumulation can index existing conditions of violence Dillon […]


Harvard HS – Kansas BR Panel Samuels, Phil Hirn, Kevin Cram, Travis Turner, John Regnier, Jason 1AC Harvard 1NC Kansas 2AC Harvard 1NR Kansas   Stream

Semis Pairings

  Harvard HS – Michigan State TS – Flip David Cram Helwich, Scott Harris, Jonathan Paul, Jacob Justice, Cody Crunkilton Kansas RB – Michigan KM – Flip Marquis Ard, Calum Matheson, Justin Green, Brad Bolman, Shanara Reid-Brinkley  

Kansas BR Aff Quarters

  NDT Quarters   Blackness everywhere remains a threat to the US. In 2005, countries and international organizations began developing military strategies for containing the threat posed by black Muslims, who dared to fight back against global exploitation of Africa.   Following the collapse of the Somalian government in the early 90s, countries began to […]

Quarters Pairing & Streams

Wake Forest SA – Michigan KM Kansas RB (A) 3 – UC Berkeley SW 2 Stream Michigan State TS (A) – Kentucky GN Stream Harvard HS 4 – Georgetown LK (A) 1 Stream