Kansas BhCa New Aff Rd 8

Kansas BhCa Version Plan Plan: The United States should significantly reduce its military presence associated with civil affairs missions in the Greater Horn of Africa.   Contention 1 is conflict   US civil affairs military presence makes horn conflict likely and protracted Pepra 14 – assistant professor of political science at Ohio Northern University. He […]

Round 8 – New Affs

Berkeley MS Kansas BiCo Kansas BhCa Baylor BC Michigan State TS (Adv) Emory KL Georgetown KL Northwestern EC Texas KS

KU BiCo & KU BhCa New Aff

  “Persian Gulf Mines”   Advantage 1 – Persian Gulf   War with Iran is coming in the squo – naval incidents are a unique flashpoint Ostovar 1-13 (Afshon, PhD in History from UMich, Ph.D. is a Project Director and Research Scientist at the Center for Strategic Studies at CNA, a not-for-profit federally-funded research organization, […]

Day Two Politics & Elections

Politics Puerto Rico Debt Relief Kentucky GN Round 6 v Trinity RS Puerto Rico debt relief is top of the agenda and will pass—politics could still derail legislation Timiraos-WSJ-3/29 House Republicans Unveil Puerto Rico Lifeline By NICK TIMIRAOS WASHINGTON—House Republicans AND budgets for years and also has struggled recently to produce timely financial reporting. […]

Day One Politics DAs

TPP Kentucky GN Round 2 v. MSU Vote soon and will pass-Obama needs to marshal political capital Inside U.S. Trade’s Daily Report 3/14/16 HEADLINE: Earnest: Obama Close To Asking For TPP Vote Despite Campaign Rhetoric   March 11, 2016 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on March 9 signaled President AND to tangible benefits that would […]