Indiana HS New Aff

1AC   We begin with a story, one which is both fraught with and devoid of meaning. A soldier, on his way to market, sees the black-cloaked figure AND this soldier here when we had a rendez-vous tomorrow in Samarkand.   Welcome to the world beyond the end of history, a police state where the […]

Indiana HS New Aff Round 2

Negrastani 1AC – NDT   We begin with The Codex of Yatu, a manuscript as ancient as time itself found deep within the desert of the petropolitical landscape of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf Citation Unclear Support the Desert. The only way that Western man can grasp the immensity of AND speeding the […]

New Affs Round 2

West Georgia MS Mary Washington Oklahoma SC Baylor BZ Wichita OS Indiana HS NU MO new maritime coop advantage Pittsburgh BC