Harvard 1AR Finals

  The alt fails without proximate demands – US occupation of the Middle East produces repressive policing at home and connecting those struggles through the permutation is key to long term change Taylor 16 (assistant professor in the department of African American Studies at Princeton University) (Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, Haymarket Books, […]

Harvard 2AC

  Role of the Ballot   scholarship o/v   The Roll of the Ballot is to evaluate the plan vs a competitive alternative as a strategy for developing more effective explanatory critiques of oppression and volence.   Understanding the intrincacies of politics, the state, and the military is a PREREQUISITE to addressing oppression – means […]

Harvard 1AC Finals

  Advantage   The threat of regime change posed by military presence creates a security dilemma that risks miscalculation and full scale war. Maleki and Reardon 14 – (10/4, Abbas, PhD in Strategic Management, assistant professor of political science at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, director of the International Institute for Caspian Studies, senior […]


Harvard HS – Kansas BR Panel Samuels, Phil Hirn, Kevin Cram, Travis Turner, John Regnier, Jason 1AC Harvard 1NC Kansas 2AC Harvard 1NR Kansas   Stream

Semis Pairings

  Harvard HS – Michigan State TS – Flip David Cram Helwich, Scott Harris, Jonathan Paul, Jacob Justice, Cody Crunkilton Kansas RB – Michigan KM – Flip Marquis Ard, Calum Matheson, Justin Green, Brad Bolman, Shanara Reid-Brinkley  

Speaker Awards

John Spurlock UC Berkeley SM Taylor Brough Vermont BL Hemanth Sanjeev Harvard HS Mimi Sergent-Leventhal UC Berkeley SW Will Morgan Michigan KM Quaram Robinson Kansas RB David Herman Harvard HS Joe Krakoff Michigan KM Donald Grasse Kentucky GN Margaret Strong Michigan State TS Nicole Nave Rutgers-Newark MN Michael Barlow United States Military BS Michael Wimsatt […]

Harvard 1NC Quarters

  1nc T Significant   Plan only removes 12 people AFP 15 (“US Weighs Tanker, Radar Planes for Saudi Yemen Op,” About a dozen US military personnel are taking part in a “joint planning cell AND .C., and the GCC,” Col. Steven Warren told reporters.   Significant means 100 troops Meernik 2k – (2000, […]

Quarters Pairing & Streams

Wake Forest SA – Michigan KM Kansas RB (A) 3 – UC Berkeley SW 2 Stream Michigan State TS (A) – Kentucky GN Stream Harvard HS 4 – Georgetown LK (A) 1 Stream

Harvard HS Newish Adv – Brexit Doubles

  Iran   SECURITY DILEMMA   US-Iran détente is possible but uncertain – moderating military threats in the region is key. Bandow 2/29 – (2016, Doug, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, JD from Stanford, “Iran Votes for Reform While Fulfilling Nuclear Deal” Iran’s election […]