Doubles Sides & Pairing

Seeds Aff Neg ¬†Judges 2 Nevada Las Vegas KB Emory SK Jackie Poapst, Rebecca Steiner, Al Hiland, Michael Hester, David Cram Helwich 3 Wyoming MM new aff Liberty CB Jyleesa Hampton,Marquis Ard,Paul Johnson,Michael Antonucci,Calum Matheson 4 Southern California BL UC Berkeley SM Jason Regnier,Nick Watts,David Hingstman,Gabe Murillo,Ameena Ruffin 5 UC Berkeley SW New Aff Stream […]

George Mason KK – New Aff

On Paper – Rough Scouting Report Remove all presence from Qatar[9:33] Adv 1 terror Adv 2 proxy war Scenario 1 syria Scenario 2 libya

Day One Politics DAs

TPP Kentucky GN¬†Round 2 v. MSU Vote soon and will pass-Obama needs to marshal political capital Inside U.S. Trade’s Daily Report 3/14/16 HEADLINE: Earnest: Obama Close To Asking For TPP Vote Despite Campaign Rhetoric   March 11, 2016 White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on March 9 signaled President AND to tangible benefits that would […]