Emory KS – New Adv

  1AC—Solvency   Contention 1: solvency   Lighter land presence in the gulf is key to consolidation of US assets Rovner & Talmadge 14 Joshua ROVNER, the John Goodwin Tower Distinguished Chair in International Politics and National Security at Southern Methodist University, AND Caitlin TALMADGE, assistant professor of political science and international affairs at George […]

Round 7 New Affs

  #breakingnew Harvard HS vs UC Berkeley SM S2 260 @CalDebate @pachy_dherm #NDT2016 — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 @emorydebate KS new advantage v. @CalDebate SW scout: @catduffy — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 #BreakingNew @WyoDebate MM v. @gopherdebate AK in FA 209 #NDT2016 — NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016   Harvard […]