Michigan DM – Doubles New Aff – Biomass

1ac plan The United States federal government should substantially increase restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions in the heating sector, adopt a Renewable Thermal Standard, require that wood biomass production meet Biomass Harvesting Guidelines, allow biomass from federal lands to qualify for Renewable Identification Number credits, and substantially increase restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions from biomass […]

Gonzaga JS – New Aff S

Plan The United States federal government should implement a hybrid building efficiency system with minimum standards for building construction.

Wyoming MM New Aff – Doubles

1AC Tsuj’/ Boy, you are ga-lv-lo’/sky continually above AND V:v/Yes Our moans a low fierce rumble a coming storm – Qwo-Li Driskill ‘2010 (In Our Oldest Language)   Unsettling United States military presence must come from a rupture in the colonial logic that authorizes the deployment of our armed forces. In the U.S. private citizens […]

Doubles Sides & Pairing

Seeds Aff Neg  Judges 2 Nevada Las Vegas KB Emory SK Jackie Poapst, Rebecca Steiner, Al Hiland, Michael Hester, David Cram Helwich 3 Wyoming MM new aff Liberty CB Jyleesa Hampton,Marquis Ard,Paul Johnson,Michael Antonucci,Calum Matheson 4 Southern California BL UC Berkeley SM Jason Regnier,Nick Watts,David Hingstman,Gabe Murillo,Ameena Ruffin 5 UC Berkeley SW New Aff Stream […]