Baylor BZ New Aff

  1AC Akira   It’s easy to say that the war ended in 1945, but perhaps there is more to such an event. In reality, war had just begun. Japan was propelled toward a future of becoming a copy of the West, a guinea pig for Western military technology. From the ashes of war, Japan […]

Round 7 New Affs

  #breakingnew Harvard HS vs UC Berkeley SM S2 260 @CalDebate @pachy_dherm #NDT2016 β€” NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 @emorydebate KS new advantage v. @CalDebate SW scout: @catduffy β€” NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016 #BreakingNew @WyoDebate MM v. @gopherdebate AK in FA 209 #NDT2016 β€” NDT Scouting (@ndtscout) April 3, 2016   Harvard […]

Baylor BZ New Aff Round 2

During the Cold War, the necropolitical techniques of war became the biopolitical industries for producing and controlling sexual subjectivities. The term “cyborg” was used for the first time, in the early 60’s, to refer to an organism technologically supplemented to live in an extraterrestrial environment. Experimentation began with a lab rat, resulting in the creation […]

New Affs Round 2

West Georgia MS Mary Washington Oklahoma SC Baylor BZ Wichita OS Indiana HS NU MO new maritime coop advantage Pittsburgh BC