Baylor BC New Aff Rd 8

1AC Photopolitics — NDT – Round 8 IN THE BEGINNING, debate was formless and empty while the spectral threat of uninformed decision-making skills loomed in the background. AND then Aaron Hardy said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.   Welcome to the photopolitical archive of collegiate policy debate. The question “military presence yes/no” […]

Round 8 – New Affs

Berkeley MS Kansas BiCo Kansas BhCa Baylor BC Michigan State TS (Adv) Emory KL Georgetown KL Northwestern EC Texas KS

Baylor BC New Aff

1AC – NDT – Round 4 Welcome to the era of the cyborg-soldier. Current forms of military presence have understood technology as a neutral conduit of bodily control to project hegemonic prowess and global superiority. This pursuit of the technologically equipped soldier is always racialized and gendered, using the malleable capacity of technology to perfect […]