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Scouting Basics

What you’ll need: A Computer Word with Verbatim installed A Tabroom Account (if you don’t have one already, sign up here) The Steps 1. Get the speech docs You will be included on the email chain, which will have docs!   2. Wikify Use Verbatim to wikify the speech doc! 3. Post on Opencaselist You’ll need […]

2017 Scouting Information

Scouting at the NDT – 2017 Key Information for everyone: There have been a few NDT Standing Rules changes for this year (see NDT Standing Rules on Scouting, below), which establishes scouting guidelines & priorities that we will follow. In particular, the new rules specify that: “Debaters are required to provide evidence they have read […]

How-to: Round Reports

What’s in a good Round Report? I like to think of Round Reports as the “executive summary” of the scouting report. Its enough information that a reader could know if they wanted to investigate further. Here’s a quick hypothetical round report: 1AC – Short Aff Title + Advantages 1AC – Greater Horn – Drones Aff […]

How-to: Post citations from a Speech doc

1. Open the doc 2. Delete sections That you aren’t posting 3. Select Wikify 4. Check for Errors See Common Caselist Problems for more details!     5. Select & Copy Wikified text from new doc 6. Go to the appropriate Wiki page 7. Add a new round 8. Paste the wikified text into the form 9. Navigate […]

Scouting Tools

Once you’ve signed up to Scout. There are a couple of tools & apps that you’ll need. Some you probably have already, others I’m not sure. I made a list for quick reference.

Common Caselist Problems – and how to fix them

Over the past few years, I’ve done a lot of posting to the caselist and in the process I think I’ve encountered most of the problems with the site. In thinking about the process of scouting at the NDT, I thought it might be helpful to try to share some of this accumulated knowledge. So, here’s […]