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Plan The United States federal government should create is a substantive obligation in NEPA to evaluate downstream emissions from polluting activities and that climate change is a sufficient basis to reevaluate pollution standards in response to local and transnational soft legal mechanisms.

NDT (Scouting) Champs

At the 2017 NDT, the scouting team scouted more than 300 rounds. A big thanks to Indiana (34 rounds), Missouri State (31 rounds), and Minnesota (29 rounds) for their contributions to this effort! Caitlyn Wicks (Missouri State) scouted 13 rounds and Jonathan Gibson scouted 11! See below for the full leaderboard: Individual Scouts Rounds scouted […]

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Wake AS Quarters Aff – The Hold

1AC The weather is the TOTAL CLIMATE and that climate is ANTIBLACK – slavery is propelled into the present as the ATMOSPHERE. An atmosphere that is slave law ARCHIVED and REPEATED into the present as lynch law, as Jim crow, as stop n frisk, the total climate both EXCEEDS and DETERMINES the law itself which […]

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Georgetown KnLo Aff Quarters – CCS

Plan The United States federal government should substantially increase restrictions on coal plants through performance standards for carbon capture and sequestration and expedite the approval and licensing of CCS projects in the United States.

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Kansas HW Octafinals – Datacenters

Plan Plan: The United States federal government should apply Section 111 of the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gas emissions of commercial data centers and remove the Energy Management Requirement exemption under the Energy Policy Act for the greenhouse gas emissions of National Security Agency data centers.